We are a creative, self-taught artist-duo who formed OBCEN in 2014 in Paris.

Together we explore, create and produce biological, ecological and ethical clothing (BEE*)

We are both specialists in several fields : fashion, textiles, photography, typography, do-it yourself, biology….

Fascinated by nature, our transdisciplinary collaboration is based on research and exploration : techniques
using natural pigments (paints made by mixing organic pigments such as chlorophyll, madder… )
and artisanal printing processes (linocuts).

Our stamps are hand engraved, manufactured and printed in our workshop.

OBCEN is a line of unbleached t-shirts with no chemical treatment (whitening) and illustrated with a
handmade printing technique.

OBCEN uses a minimum process in the creation of its Low-Tech and Slow Fashion t-shirts
(certified 100% organic cotton GOTS*, the label stamp made with 100% organic pigment).

OBCEN avoids a long production line and has an optimal tracability in its artisanal and local
production (garment, stamps, packaging, suppliers).

Today fashion begins to focus on authenticity and the environment, this is why OBCEN leaves the natural
irregularities due to artisanal t-shirt printing.



« The One » tells us :

Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful.

Quote from John Maeda, extract from his book «  Laws of Simplicity »