BIOLOGICAL, ECOLOGICAL and ETHICAL, BEE, reflects our commitment to create a range of healthy and traceable handprinted clothing. Our rational approach is to create, share and pass on an expertise on techniques within reach of everyone. Alternative techniques using less energy combine the tradition of stamps with an innovative method. Manual and local production has a minimum negative impact on the environment. Awareness of nature and ecology acknowledges ethics and responsible purchasing. OBCEN, guarantor of…

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Passion for biology, art and fashion have led us to research various types of plant pigments and a choice of ecological materials. The fascination for the infinitely small, for recurrent textures, the beauty of their graphic power are, for us, an inspiration for the design and the printing of patterns. The exploration of organic mazes (veins of leaves to cell structures) allows a variation of scale that puts our vision into perspective and reveals mediums… Continue reading


Linocut technique is very close to wood carving, cutting the linoleum using gouges. The natural pigments are crushed and mixed with a binder (aqueous ink) then put on the raised parts of a roller. Each color is formulated and mixed in our workshop in Paris. The strength of the application of the lino stamp on the fabric gives changes in printing. This creates unique models with a soft and silky touch, the print perfectly incorporated… Continue reading


The triangular shape of the recycled cardboard packaging is a reminder of origami ; folds found constantly in nature (elm leaves, flowers, insect wings unfolding, etc) The cardboard, cut in a workshop in Paris, is folded using no glue, and the resulting boxes can be reused e.g. pencil boxes. Our information card labels are made with the cardboard remnants. Thanks, Nono, for the cardboard cutout. Continue reading


It is essential for us to know where our raw materials come from : certified organic cotton GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) comes from the region of Izmir in Turkey, the certified GOTS pigments from France and other European countries, linoleum recovered from sports halls. Wanting to optimise our materials, our information labels and business cards are manufactured with the leftover cardboard from the packaging. Cotton scraps are used for composition labels ; our thoughts are to… Continue reading